we welcome all guests & inquirers

We welcome you as our Guest!


Whether you are new to Orthodox Christianity or are visiting from another Orthodox parish, we warmly welcome you to join with us, and we would be honored by your visit. A few notes to first time visitors:


  •      We won’t make a public spectacle of you or ask you to do anything uncomfortable.

  •      We lay no expectation on visitors of financial contribution to our parish’s ministries.

  •      We love kids! Our children worship together with us—they are not segregated out during our services. If your child gets a bit out of hand, please do not feel embarrassed to make a visit to the narthex until the child is ready to rejoin everyone else in worship.

  •      All of our services are held in English.


We are interested in greeting you following any of our services and to be of assistance in whatever way we can.

Parking: The Church is slightly set back from the road. There is ample parking in the front and along the right-hand side of the church.


Nursery: There is a “cry room” located in the back of the Church. The room has seating and large windows that make it possible to watch the service while tending to your little one. 

Restrooms: Both restrooms are outfitted with changing tables. The women’s restroom is located to the right of the office as you enter the building. The men’s restroom is located in the long hallway that runs along the left side of the building. 


Sunday school: Visitors are welcome to have their children attend Sunday school. Classes run from September through May. 

Holy Communion: We invite all Orthodox Christians who are duly prepared to receive Holy Communion. Amongst other things, proper preparation includes faithful fasting, recent confession, being at peace with others, and being on time to the divine services. If you are uncertain if you are blessed to receive communion, please wait until you have spoken with Fr. James. If you are not prepared to receive you may come forward for a blessing and receive a piece of the blessed bread in Christian charity and brotherly love.

Coffee Hour: Our fellowship hour starts immediately after service on Sundays and consists of a full lunch. Visitors are encouraged to partake. There is no charge. 

In Christ,

Fr. James